LINK OF LIFE展 ポスター掲出されました

2016 11 11

資生堂「LINK OF LIFE エイジングは未来だ展」のポスターを撮影しました。一見様々な人の群像に見える写真ですが実は精巧なミニチュアを制作し撮影されました。ドールが纏う衣装は伊藤佐智子さんが、ヘアーは資生堂チームが担当しました。思わず近くでじっくり見たくなる細かな仕掛けが満載の写真になりました。
Takimoto did a shoot for Shiseido's LINK OF LIFE Exhibition: Aging? Future! poster. The photographs appear at first glance to be showing a diverse group of people, but are actually elaborately created figurines. The clothes worn by the figurines were designed by Sachiko Ito and their hair was designed by the Shiseido team. The photographs are full of fine details that make you want to look closer.