KYOTOGRAPHIE オンライン展示を開始。

2020 10 01

With COVID-19 spreading throughout the world in 2020, there was uncertainty even about holding this exhibition after it was postponed. The prospects were not clear, things were changing from moment to moment. Amidst all that, while looking for a way to hold the exhibition, we discovered Matterport, video technology that scans real spaces in 3D and allows viewers to experience exhibitions online. This exhibition is being held after wrestling with some major troubles, and we thought of using Matterport, as a fresh approach, to give access to the photography exhibition to a large audience. We are pleased to announce this exhibition which allows you to experience the exhibition space virtually, if it’s difficult for you to visit the venue, and also allows you to experience the virtual space by reading the Matterport QR code, in parallel with your experience of the actual venue space, at the same time.