藤井保 瀧本幹也 往復書簡 その先へ 開催のお知らせ

2021 10 19

『藤井保 瀧本幹也 往復書簡 その先へ』を開催いたします。 2019年6月からMA2 galleryの発案で、師弟関係にある藤井保と瀧本幹也による、写真を交えた電子メールの往復書簡が始まりました。そのやりとりは2年半にも及び、その間様々な環境の変化が起こり、その中での意見や想いが、これまでじっくりと交わされてきました。激動の社会情勢に直面しながらも、真摯に写真と向きあい往復書簡は粛々と続けられてきました。今回の展示では、その往復書簡をベースにふたりの写真が静かに呼応し合う内容をご覧いただけます。1階では、過酷な大自然の環境で捉えられた作品が展示されます。2階に上がると、藤井と瀧本の今だからこそ伝えたいメッセージ写真が繰り広げられます。そして、3,4階ではこの展覧会のために、ふたりが選んだポラロイドをひとつのフレームの中に組み合せた作品と、往復書簡のやり取りから生まれた、ふたりの組み写真で構成されます。ふたりが出会って29年、ここに師弟を超えた写真展がうまれました。2021年10月30日(土)〜11月28日(日) MA2 Gallery 東京都渋谷区恵比寿3-3-8 Open 水〜日(火曜のみアポイント制) 13:00〜19:00 
We are holding the exhibition “Tamotsu Fujii, Mikiya Takimoto, Ofukushokan, Sono Saki e” (“Tamotsu Fujii, Mikiya Takimoto, Correspondence, and Beyond”). Following a suggestion by MA2 Gallery, Tamotsu Fujii and Mikiya Takimoto, teacher and student, began corresponding and sharing photographs by email in June 2019. The correspondence lasted two and a half years as they shared at length their opinions and thoughts in response to each other, while various changes went on around them. Although faced with a tumultuous social situation, they went about their photography seriously and managed to quietly continue corresponding. This exhibition makes accessible to viewers the unruffled photographic responses to one another emanating from their correspondence. Exhibited on the first floor are works captured amid harsh natural environments. Spread out on the second floor are photographs carrying messages Fujii and Takimoto are intent on making, all the more so given the current times. On display on the third and fourth floors are works created by combining Polaroid photos selected by the two artists into single frames, as well as photographic montages by the two emanating out of the exchanges in their correspondence, especially for this exhibition. Twenty-nine years since the two met, here is a photography exhibition that goes beyond the teacher-student relationship. October 30 (Sat) to November 28 (Sun), 2021. MA2 Gallery, 3-3-8 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Open Wed to Sun (Tue by appointment only) 13:00 to 19:00.