2022 04 12

大塚製薬 POCARI SWEAT'22 中島セナさんを撮影しました。空を見上げる気持ちの高揚感がセナさんの表情を通じて感じられる瞬間になります。躍動感あふれる世界観と瑞々しいセナさんの表情、爽やかな青空と入道雲との対比も鮮やかな撮影となりました。
I filmed Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s POCARI SWEAT ’22 commercial with Sena Nakajima. Sena’s face makes you feel for a moment that sense of being uplifted, the feeling you get from looking up into the sky. The world within this commercial feels charged with energy, Sena’s face is fresh and vibrant, and the contrast between the fresh blue sky and the towering thunder cloud all make for some bright and fresh video.