JT 新CMと広告を撮影しました。

2024 05 08

JT企業CM「鬼のゆく道 登場」篇撮影しました。「心の豊かさを、もっと。」という考えのもと、心の豊かさを育むためにはどうするべきなのか考え問い続けることで未来へと繋げていく、その問いを投げかける鬼役の山田孝之さん。角や爪、また着ている服の細部まで鬼に扮しています。静岡県の山から見下ろす街並みは、鬼の目線でもあり、未来を見据える視線でもあります。近年の様々な事象を思うと、他人を思いやる為に自分自身の心のあり方が重要に感じます。心の豊かさを、もっと。考えていきたいと思います。
We filmed the “Oni no Yuku Michi - Tojo” (“The Ogre’s Path - Entry”) commercial for JT. “Fulfilling Moments, Enriching Life.” That’s the driving thought, leading you to the future by continuing to interrogate the question, what should I do to create fulfilling moments and enrich my life. Takayuki Yamada plays the ogre who poses that question. His ogre disguise even includes horns and claws, as well as some finer details in what he is wearing. The streetscape view from above on the mountain in Shizuoka Prefecture is the ogre’s perspective, and a line of sight fixed on the future. When you think about everything that’s been happening in recent years, you sense how important the state of your heart and mind are for being considerate toward others. Fulfilling Moments, Enriching Life. I want to keep on thinking about that.