TOYOTA 5大陸走破 南米大陸 webにUPされました

2017 05 20

TOYOTA5大陸走破、第3弾!オーストラリア大陸・北米大陸と続き、3大陸目は南米大陸の走破です。走破とひとくくりにしても国が変わり土地が変わることで様々な問題と向き合い、改善につなげていくことが車の開発に繋がる。走ることで得られる様々な問題点がその後の開発に繋がる貴重な情報源となる。どんな状況でどんな症状と向き合うべきなのか、テストコースだけでは得られない情報をコツコツと集めて走る走破隊。走破隊の格闘の様子を1枚の写真から伝える事ができればと、瀧本幹也写真事務所から独立したOB・OGとともに撮影に挑みました。ウユニ、クスコ、サン・ペドロ・アタカマ、アントファガスタを瀧本幹也が、アルゼンチンのコルドバWRCコースで社長のラリー走行を、樋口兼一、佐藤新也、豊田晃佳、アルゼンチン、チリを杉田知洋江、サンパウロ、リオデジャネイロを片村文人、映像を國井重人が担当しました。GALLERYのページからLatin Americaをめぐる写真の数々をご覧いただけます。
The Toyota 5 Continents Drive - Latin America episode goes live. The third installment of the Toyota Five Continents Drive! The third continent to be conquered following Australia and North America is Latin America. Driving through new countries and new lands, the team is faced with various obstacles for which improvements are needed, leading to new ideas in automobile development. Issues uncovered by driving through differing lands are precious sources of information inspiring future development. The driving crew covers the continent while steadily gathering data regarding which indications require attention under what conditions—information that cannot be gained through test course runs. In hopes of conveying the struggles of the driving crew in a single photograph, Mikiya Takimoto took on the challenge together with the former understudies of his photograph office. Uyuni, Cusco, San Pedro de Atacama, and Antofagasta were captured by Takimoto. The president's rally run at Argentina's Córdoba WRC course was covered by Kenichi Higuchi, Shinya Sato and Teruyoshi Toyota. Argentina and Chile was shot by Chiyoe Sugita. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro were handled by Fumihito Katamura, with Shigeto Kunii documenting in motion. Visit the Gallery page to view a collection of these photos taken throughout Latin America.