Sansan 新CM放映開始

2022 06 15

TV CMのSansan 変化にやられた篇を撮影しました。Sansanシリーズの松重豊さん、野間口徹さん、お二人で作り上げてこられた独特の空気感に、いつもくすりと笑ってしまいます。上司と部下なのに、なぜが緊張感があるような無いような、同志のような連帯感もあり、温かい空気を感じます。名刺をめぐるお話しの展開をどうぞお楽しみください。
We shot the Sansan TV commercial "I Messed Up With the Changes." In this Sansan series, Yutaka Matsushige and Toru Nomaguchi have together been creating a distinctive mood that always make me chuckle. Even though they are just senior and junior employees, for some reason there seems to be both a sense of tension between them, but also none. There’s a sense of solidarity between them, and that gives me a warm feeling. I hope you enjoy the way the conversation develops around the business card.