Miss Bean #私が撮りたかった女優展 Vol.4 に参加

2022 06 16

弊社マネージメントのMiss Beanが、『#私が撮りたかった女優展 Vol.4』のグループ展に参加します。5名のフォトグラファーが5名の女優さんをこの展示のためだけに撮り下ろした写真展。Miss Beanは念願だった三吉彩花さんを日本にて撮影しました。テーマは「A Room of One’s Own」 三吉さんの様々な表情を、Miss Bean独自の視点で切り取り作品へと導いております。日本での展示は初めてとなります。是非この機会にご覧ください。 2022年8月11日(木)〜 17日(水)OMOTESANDO MUSEUM.  東京都港区南青山3丁目18-19フェスタ表参道ビル新館2階 10:00〜20:00(初日はイベントのため18:00迄) 会期中無休 入場料800円
Miss Bean, from Mikiya Takimoto Photograph Office, is exhibiting in a group exhibition, “#Watashi ga Toritakkata Joyu Ten Vol. 4” (“#An Actress I Have Wanted to Photograph Exhibition Vol. 4”). It features photos of 5 actresses shot just for this exhibition by 5 photographers. Miss Bean photographed the actress she had hoped for, Ayaka Miyoshi, in Japan. Under the theme “A Room of One’s Own,” she develops Miyoshi’s varied expressions into cut-out works from her unique perspective. This is the first time it is being exhibited in Japan. I really hope you take this opportunity and go and see it. August 11, 2022 (Thu) to 17 (Wed) OMOTESANDO MUSEUM. 2F Shinkan, Festae Omotesando Building, 3-18-19 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 10:00-20:00 (Closes 18:00 on August 11 for event). Open throughout the season. Entry: 800 yen