パリで『En Sô Shin CHAOS 2022 chapitre 3』開催のお知らせ

2022 10 27

PARIS PHOTO 2022の期間に合わせ、パリのOGATA Parisにて、11月9日(水)から11月13日(日)までティザー展示を開催。2022年に京都・奈良・伊勢・北海道での撮影を重ね、一滴のしずくが小さな波紋を起こし、やがて大海へと広がっていく大自然の循環を円相図に見立てて表現し、150年の歴史がある京都 開化堂の協力を得て、茶筒をモチーフに円相筒の作品が出来上がりました。今までにない作品に仕上がっています。また円相筒と同じ空間に、水という物質の現象を捉えたSURFACE作品を展示します。2022年11月9日(水)〜11月13日(日)*11月11日(金)休廊 OGATA Paris Adress 16, rue Debelleyme 75003 Paris - FRANCE 11:00−19:00
I am holding a teaser exhibition from November 9 (Wed) to 13 (Sun) at OGATA Paris (in Paris), coinciding with the PARIS PHOTO 2022 showing. I recently completed works called “enso-tsutsu” created with the assistance of Kaikado of Kyoto (tea canister makers) and their 150-year years of experience. Overlapping shoots in Kyoto, Nara, Ise, and Hokkaido in 2022 and resembling enso-zu (that calligraphic work where a single brush stroke describes a perfect circle, representing perfect peace of mind in Zen Buddhism), these works reflect the form of a traditional tea canister, and represent the cycles of nature, a single drop creating little ripples, eventually spreading out to the ocean. They have turned out to be works like nothing else I have done. Exhibited in the same space as the enso-tsutsu will be a work from SURFACE, an exhibition that captures phenomena featuring the substance water. 11:00−19:00, November 9 (Wed) to 13 (Sun), 2022 (except Fri November 11). OGATA Paris: 16 rue Debelleyme, 75003, Paris, France.