2023 03 30

瀧本幹也の写真との関わり方を幼少期から現在にいたるまで、自身のことばで語る書籍が完成いたしました。独立以来、携わってきたお仕事の中からターニングポイントになる撮影、またその途中で迷い、悩みながら尚も答えを探し続ける姿勢、1枚の写真にこめた想いや、撮影にまつわるエピソードも交え紹介させていただきました。写真家 瀧本幹也の想いが詰まった1冊が出来上がりました。「写真前夜」デザイン:山田知子 編集:善積幸子(玄光社) 玄光社より発行 価格 2,500+税
Takimoto has completed a book in which he discusses in his own words his involvement with photography, from early childhood to the present. The book presents photos from among the jobs he has been involved in since going solo that have been turning points for him, it presents him encountering uncertainties along the way, but pursuing answers despite the problems, the sense imbued in each still image, along with anecdotes around photography. This book is now complete, filled with the thoughts and sentiments of photographer Mikiya Takimoto. “Shashin Zenya” (“Photography Eve”): Designed by Tomoko Yamada. Edited by Sachiko Yoshizumi (Genkosha Co., Ltd.). Published by Genkosha Co., Ltd. Price: 2,500 yen + Tax