七條甘春堂 季節の和菓子の撮影を担当

2023 10 13

I have been creating product visuals for Shichijo Kanshundo, a traditional confectioner based in Kyoto, throughout each year since July 2021. Each and every sweet reveals the freshness and gorgeousness of these freshly made wagashi, or traditional Japanese confections, as well as the spirit of the maker, made manifest by the very act of creating them by hand. There is a fascinating appeal in these Japanese confections which tell us through all five senses that there are four seasons in Japan. Each sweet delights with its delicious moistness, visual enjoyment, soul-soothing fragrance, the sound it makes when you bite into it, and the texture you feel with your fingers as you pick it up. Akiko Sekimoto is the art director. Kyosui Terashima is the calligrapher. Shichijo Kanshundo have also updated their website to give us a sense of new beginnings. I have projected the small world of wagashi to give it a larger feel. I hope you enjoy it.