パリで『CHAOS』2023 開催のお知らせ

2023 10 16

PARIS PHOTO 2023の期間に合わせ、パリのOGATA Parisにて、11月8日(水)から11月26日(日)まで個展を開催いたします。会場のOGATA Parisでは館全体を展示スペースとし、五感を研ぎ澄まして感じていただける展示となります。 古より連綿と流れてきた悠久の時のなかで、自然も人もすべての生命は満ちて融け合い、 循環することでこの世界は紡がれてきました 。ひとつの生命体と しての地球の息吹を、全身で感じ取るようにフィルムに焼き付けてきた写真家・瀧本幹也 。地球の原初の姿を求めて世界の果てを旅してきた氏が、コロナを機に向き合ったのは、身近なところに存在する“小宇宙”でした。その眼差しはマクロからミクロへ ─ ─ 、目を凝らせば小さな世界にも宇宙のような無限 の広がりがあり、観る者の心の深淵へと迫ります。本展では、海面に揺らぐ光の粒を採集し移りゆく海の表情を捉えた「GRAIN OF LIGHT」、火山や海、雪 山など静謐かつ雄大な地球の姿に迫った「FLAME / SURFACE」「SNOW MOUNTAIN」シリーズのほか、最新作の花や寺の池など密やかな祈りの情景を写 しとった「円・相・心」より厳選した16点を展覧いたします。万物はそれぞれの中に宇宙を抱き、あらゆる生命は巡り、つながり合う ─ ─ 。観る者の生に呼応し、心を静かに引き寄せる瀧本氏の作品群を是非ともこの機にご高覧ください。テキスト:北坊あいり  2023年11月8日(水)〜11月26日(日)OGATA Paris Adress 16, rue Debelleyme 75003 Paris - FRANCE 11:00−20:00
I am holding a solo exhibition from November 8 (Wed) to 26 (Sun) at OGATA Paris (in Paris), to coincide with the PARIS PHOTO 2023 showing. The entire space at OGATA Paris is being turned over to the exhibition, making it an exhibit that sharpens the five senses.  Since ancient times, the world has been shaped by the abundance, fusion and circulation of all life, natural and human, in the uninterrupted flow of time. As a photographer, Mikiya Takimoto has endeavored to capture the essence and breath of the Earth as a single living organism. He has traveled to the farthest reaches of the planet in search of this purest form of our world. During the pandemic, he came face to face with the microcosms that make up our immediate environment. His gaze, from predominantly macroscopic, shifted to the infinitely small. On closer inspection, the smallest of worlds resembles the immensity of the universe in its infinite expanse, which also echoes the depths of the mind. In addition to the "GRAIN OF LIGHT", "FLAME", "SURFACE" and "SNOW MOUNTAIN" series, which respectively capture the changing faces of the sea and depict the serene majesty of elements such as volcanoes, snow-covered or sandy mountains, discover at this exhibition his latest series "EN SO SHIN", which focuses on floral compositions, a temple facing a pond and other scenes of secret prayer. Everything contains a piece of the universe within it, and all life evolves, connected to and surrounded by others. Please discover the link that Mikiya Takimoto illuminates between his works and the universe. text:Airi Kitabo  November 8 (Wed) to 26 (Sun), 2023. OGATA Paris: 16 rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris, France. 11: 00-20: 00