資生堂花椿 藤井保x瀧本幹也 共創からの対談

2022 09 20

I created this work together with master photographer Tamotsu Fujii on the theme “Banbutsu Shisei” (from classical Chinese poetry: “How wonderful are the virtues of the earth, from which all things are born!”) in the commemorative edition of Hanatsubaki, published in commemoration of the 150th anniversary in 2022 of the founding of Shiseido. Although it was a co-creation, we each took our own photos at different locations before starting the co-creation work. I think having 2 photographers means differences in photographic expression and in the worlds they each want to show, but interestingly, it seems to offer glimpses of our overlapping ideas. You can see a conversation where we 2 photographers discuss how we approached our photographic work, how we went about creating them, so please take a look.