Sansan 新CM放映開始

2022 06 15

TV CMのSansan 変化にやられた篇を撮影しました。Sansanシリーズの松重豊さん、野間口徹さん、お二人で作り上げてこられた独特の空気感に、いつもくすりと笑ってしまいます。上司と部下なのに、なぜが緊張感があるような無いような、同志のような連帯感もあり、温かい空気を感じます。名刺をめぐるお話しの展開をどうぞお楽しみください。
We shot the Sansan TV commercial "I Messed Up With the Changes." In this Sansan series, Yutaka Matsushige and Toru Nomaguchi have together been creating a distinctive mood that always make me chuckle. Even though they are just senior and junior employees, for some reason there seems to be both a sense of tension between them, but also none. There’s a sense of solidarity between them, and that gives me a warm feeling. I hope you enjoy the way the conversation develops around the business card.

サントリー天然水 新CM放映開始

2022 06 05

The Suntory Tennensui Tsuchi to Mizu to Hito to (“Earth, Water, and People”) commercial has been released. Shizuka Ishibashi swings a hoe, sweating, her nice smile, the invigorating scenery, and the slogan “Shinjirareru mizu no yama kara” (“From the water mountain you can rely on”) fitting perfectly with the background mountain scenery. We shot the river with snow melt in February, still bitterly cold. Spring was approaching, the snow gradually starting to melt, whispering to us the life force, a sense of transparency, filtered by a great mountain. This video evokes a sense of the water of life. Please take a look.


2022 05 30

GREEN JUKEBOX 恋篇・新緑のグリーンラベル篇を撮影しました。広瀬アリスさんとあいみょんさん、何度か共演されているお二人の息の合ったやり取りはいつも微笑ましく笑みがこぼれます。今回は小さな島での撮影になりました。薄いヴェールのような布が風を視覚的に見せてくれます。爽やかな清々しい空と海と緑の世界をどうぞご覧ください。
We shot the GREEN JUKEBOX Koi (“Love”) and Shinroku (“Spring Greenery”) GREEN LABEL commercials. Having appeared together many times, Alice Hirose and Aimyon work well together as a pair creating interplay that brings a heartwarming smile to my face. The location for this commercial was a tiny island. The thin veil-like cloth allows our eyes to sense the wind. You’ll see fresh invigorating sky and sea, and a world of greenery. Please take a look.

NTT東日本 新CMが放映開始

2022 04 25

NTT東日本「NTTアートテクノロジー」篇 撮影しました。葛飾北斎が大好きな女の子の願いは、どうしても観てみたい遠い地にある鳳凰図。地域からミライをつくる、地方創生・地域活性化に取り組むNTT東日本が進めるデジタルミュージアムにより身近になるアートの世界。どうぞご覧ください。
I filmed the NTT East “NTT Art Technology” commercial. A girl who loves Katsushika Hokusai and the painting of a phoenix in a far-off temple she longs to see. NTT East is bringing the world of art to people’s fingertips with its digital museum initiatives, engaging in local and regional revitalization, creating the future from local roots. Please take a look.

Tver 写真掲出及び新CM放映されました

2022 04 20

I shot a TV commercial and graphics for TVer. It’s about the new service from TVer, the official commercial TV streaming service, with Shofukutei Tsurube delivering the message in conversation. I think the black and white world of this commercial, and what Tsurube discusses from his unique worldview provide a contrast to a world that is now awash with vibrant color. I shot the photos to convey this monochrome world in a way that links them to the TV commercial, also in monochrome. Please take a look.