2017 08 31

Takimoto Photographs Kubota’s Pipes for Newspaper Ad. Takimoto photographed water pipes that Kubota uses to transport water from the sea and other water sources. Nine-meter water pipes contribute to people’s daily living, but the landscape is like a desert only a short distance from town. An environment with a stable supply of water, a prime support for life, helps give the town the character of an oasis. Peering down a large pipe at a certain angle is like looking from the viewpoint of water as it flows toward town.


2017 08 10

The vision of sunflowers standing tall, facing the sun, was expressed in a live shoot of over 1,000 people standing together with Machiko Ono. The film shoot was bursting with power sensed from all those people actually coming together and rivaling the vivid colors and proud stance of sunflowers.

サントリー天然水 ポスター掲出されました

2017 08 08

サントリー「天然水」の山がある鳥取県 奥大山をメイン舞台に烏ヶ山へと撮影に行ってきました。雪が残る時期と山が青々と新緑に包まれる時期にわけての撮影となりました。奥大山一帯はかなり雪深い地域の為、3月の撮影時はかなり雪が残る環境での撮影となりました。宇多田ヒカルさんの声に呼応するような自然豊かな風景を切り取ってきました。緑豊かな山々に育まれた豊かな水。澄んだ水の流れは新緑の緑を綺麗にうつしておりました。
Suntory Unveils Tennensui Web Content. Takimoto filmed online advertisements for Suntory Food and Beverage’s Tennensui brand of mineral water at Karasugasen Mountain against the backdrop of the Okudaisen area in Tottori Prefecture. The shoot took place at the times of year when snow remains on the ground and fresh greenery abounds. The snow can be deep around Okudaisen, so a fair amount of snow remained during the shoot in March. Takimoto selected scenes of bountiful nature as if in response to Hikaru Utada’s voice. Verdant mountains nurture rich water, and the clear, flowing substance beautifully reflects the fresh greenery.

JR東日本「行くぜ、東北。」 新CMが放映開始

2017 07 15

JR East Releases New “iku ze Tohoku (Let’s Go to Tohoku)” Ad. JR East has released the latest installment in its “iku ze Tohoku” series of commercials featuring Mayu Matsuoka. This time, the journey stretches from Lake Towada toward Oirase Valley in Aomori Prefecture. Filmed in early summer, unbroken greenery covers the area. Matsuoka boards a canoe in Lake Towada, and among other idyllic scenes, the ad invites viewers to the region.

黒ラベル 新CMが放映開始

2017 07 02

サッポロ 黒ラベルを飲みながら、妻夫木さんと様々な方とのトークが繰り広げられる大人エレベーターシリーズの最新作を撮影しました。妻夫木聡さんと今回は星野源さんのトークになります。シナリオのないトークには飾らない言葉が続きます。
Sapporo Beer Releases New Commercial for Black Label. Takimoto filmed the latest installment of its “Otona Elevator Series,” in which Satoshi Tsumabuki and a variety of personages chat while drinking the company’s Black Label beverage. This time, Tsumabuki talks with Gen Hoshino. Their unscripted words are of a frank nature.