2016 02 15

映画「海街diary」などで知られる是枝裕和監督が、作家・音楽家・クリエイターと語らった対談集シリーズの第2弾。本書の第3章「クリエイターと語る」にて、アップルストア銀座で行われたトークイベント「Meet the Filmmaker」での対談が収められています。お互いの創作思考、ふたりの出会い、映画の裏話など興味深い内容となっています。 是枝裕和対談集「世界といまを考える2」 PHP研究所  価格 (税込) 950円。
The collection of conversations with Hirokazu Kore-eda "Sekai to Ima o Kangaeru 2" is published. This is the second installment of series in which director Hirokazu Kore-eda, known for films like "Our Little Sister", sits down to speak with various authors, musicians, and creators. The third chapter, "Speaking with creators", contains his converstations from the "Meet the Filmmaker" talk event at the Apple Store Ginza. Kore-eda and Takimoto share their creative philosophies, how they met, behind the scenes details from the making of the film, and other interesting stories. Hirokazu Kore-eda "Sekai to Ima o Kangaeru 2" PHP Institute, Inc. Price (w / tax) : 950yen.

ラフォーレ「GRAND BAZAR 2016 WINTER」ポスター掲出されました

2016 01 21

ラフォーレ グランバザールのポスターを撮影しました。ジャングルの中で獲物を狙うハンターの鋭い視線を通して表現されたポスターとなっています。ハンターの力強い目と熱気を帯びた赤色が印象的な作品となっています。
Laforet's "Grand Bazaar 2016 Winter" poster. Mikiya Takimoto photographed the poster for Laforet's Grand Bazaar. The poster adopts the keen gaze of a hunter tracking his prey in the jungle. The hot red tones and powerful eyes of the hunter make for an image with impact.

FUJIFILM 100 X-Photographersグループ写真展 開催のお知らせ

2016 01 15

富士フイルム スクエアにて、1月15日(金)から2月18日(木)まで開催される、フジフイルム・Xシリーズ誕生5周年を記念した、写真展“ 100 X-Photographers ”に参加しています。世界各国・各ジャンルで活動する写真家100名超が撮影した作品と共に、撮りおろし作品を展示します。
The FUJIFILM 100 X-Photographers group exhibition. Mikiya Takimoto took part in the "100 X-Photographers" exhibition to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the FUJIFILM X Series held from January 15 to February 18 at the FUJIFILM Square. Don't miss this chance to see Takimoto's work alongside images by over 100 photographers of all genres and nationalities.

TOYOTA G’s ブランディング ポスター掲出されました

2016 01 13

Toyota G's branding poster. The track in Nurburgring, Germany is said to be the most intense in the world. The data obtained from cars damaged there proves useful in developing new models. Mikiya Takimoto shot a structural look at the body of the GRMN86, which was born from such data.

ダイワハウス「アメリカでも」篇 新CM放映開始

2016 01 02

Launch of the new "America demo" CM series for Daiwa House. A new CM for Daiwa House. Koji Yakusho plays the oldest active pro baseball player in Japan. His coach, played by Kaoru Kobayashi, understands his passion but worries about his left arm, which has weakened with age. Tori Matsuzaka plays Yakusho in his younger days as a pitcher. Many other celebrated actors rounded out the star-studded cast. The filming took place in an actual pro baseball stadium. What was Yakusho's determined message regarding his unending passion for baseball?